Company's activity is covering mainly two countries: Poland and Romania.

Romania is served by: R&S Import Export S.R.L. (established in 1992)

Polish area by: HVAC Atomatyka Import Export. (established in 2002)

Cooperation between our companies started in 2005.


Area of activity:

  • BMS & control systems for buildings (hotels, offices, shop centres, etc.)
  • room & comfort management systems for luxury appartments & houses
  • media metering for building administrators


Fields of activity:

  • design
  • execution (systems, control panels, cabling, field equipment delivery)
  • service


We execute projects with following solutions:

  • Home Server Technologies: BacNet, EIB/KNX, LON, Mbus, ModBus
  • Controllers: SIEMENS PX family (SBT), Wago, Saia, EIB/KNX: Merten-Schneider, Siemens, Gira, ABB, Berker, Zennio
  • Field equipment: SIEMENS SBT, SIEMENS A&D, Thermokon, Merten-Schneider, Siemens, Gira, ABB, Berker, Zennio
  • Electrical equipment: SIEMENS AD, Moeller, Schrack, Rittal, Schneider
  • Audio & Video: Revox, Burmester, Loewe, A&B, B&W